Parachute airdropping

Парашютное десантирование 1a) To use heavy weight load systems of the MKC-350, MKC-5-128P(M) series, the equipment and loads are mounted on а П-7 platform.

– Payload: 2000 – 7300 kg
– Minimum safe airdrop altitude: 500 m
– Maximum airdrop altitude: 1500 m
– Elevation of landing area: 2500 m
– Landing speed with max payload: 8500 kg
– 8.8 m/sec 9500 kg – 9.5 m/sec
– Aircraft Indicated air speed over the D/Z: 260-400 km/h
– Ground wind speed: up to 10 m/sec
– Type of shock absorption: air
– Size of a platform: 3600×2600 mm It is possible to airdrop various equipment, drums, food items and other goods of the above-mentioned weight.

An IL-76 aircraft carries 3 to 4 platforms depending on the weight and size of the load, and an AN-12 aircraft can carry 1 or 2 platforms.

Download IL-76 parachute airdropping

In 1990, using these systems the Company experts have successfully airdropped a bulldozer and a snowplowing machine modified from the DT-75 tractor weighing 8500 kg for the construction of an ice runway for a Sevmorgeologia expedition team. The runway was operational from April till June 1990 and could accommodate AN-12, AN- 26 and AN-74 type aircraft.

Парашютное десантирование 2b) The Company experts have developed methods to use personal parachute systems of Д-5, Д-6, C-5K, ПСУ-36, C3-3 type and others modified for parachute load airdropping, thus cutting down their cost.

– Max payload on a single pallet: up to 1200 kg
– Airdrop equipment weight: 72-84 kg
– Minimum safe airdrop altitude: 200 m
– Maximum airdrop altitude; 7000 m
– Landing speed with max payload: 2-13 m/sec -Aircraft indicated air speed over the D/Z:80-320 km/h
– Ground wind speed: up to 10 m/sec
– Shock absorption: paper-ceil underlying
– Size of a pallet: 1400×1256 mm
– Required number of chutes: 2-3

Such system is capable of airdropping a large variety of loads in this weight category, including even food in glass containers. The size of the landing area can be minimized to 400×600 m.
IL-76 aircraft carries 26 pallets. Maximum payload is 33800 kg.
AN-12 aircraft carries 9 pallets. Its payload may reach 11700 kg.
AN-74 aircraft carries 8 pallets. Its full payload may be 9500 kg (maximum payload).
AN-26 aircraft carries 5 to 7 pallets, with full payload reaching 5500 kg (maximum payload).

In 1993 the Company experts airdropped munitions and food in Angola, pioneering airdropping from an altitude of 7000 meters.