Complex on elimination of oil spills on water areas

The complex includes:
• The system of landing booms in containers;
• The system of landing rescue boats;
• The system of landing liferafts;
• The system of landing sorbents.

1. The system of landing oil booms in containers.

Barrages are made of polyamide fabric art. 86-63-04VOPU, resistant to petroleum products and high tensile strength.
The length of the boom 250m, height of cloth 1m, a surface part of 250-300 mm. Landing from the aircraft IL-76 is made with the overlap of oil spill zone for fencing the spill on the leeward side. With one container are dropped 250 m of oil booms. For one passage it can be set not less than 1500 – 2000 m of booms. Maximum with IL-76 can be dropped to 7000 m of oil booms.

Fig. 1
Fig. 1.

2. The system of landing rescue boats.
This complex use boats type RIB (Rigid inflatable boat) length of 3.9 – 4.3 m, with carrying capacity of up to 800 kg and with outboard motor 25 HP water-jet.
The boat landing system is equipped with a platform, detachable from the boat after exiting the plane, and parachute cutaway system. The minimum height of landing is 200 m. Splashdown boat speed is 7.8 – 8 m/s.

Fig. 2
Fig. 2.

The boat is dropped in the second approach, together with rafts. The rescue team links the boom into full circle with special locks to fence oil spill completely.

3. The system of landing life rafts.
The system of landing life rafts is designed for dropping in the disaster area bunches of 3-5 rafts type PSN-10 from transport aircraft IL-76, AN-12, AN-26, AN-32 at flight speeds 280-350 km / h at altitudes of 200-500 m.
The system provides the filling of the rafts in the air. The length of the rafts ligaments is from 120 m to 240 m, on the ligaments are attached the floats. The splashdown speed of rafts is 10-12 m/s. Maximum flight weight up to 750 kg. Maximum overall size of cargo 1400h1256h2000 mm (5 rafts);

Fig. 3
Fig. 3.

4. The system of landing sorbents.

The airdropping of sorbents is made by non-parachute method and without drop of platforms. On one platform can accommodate the package of size W 1.2 x D 1.4 x H 3.2m.
Vsorbent on 1 platform 1,2×1,4×3,2 = 5.376 m³. Msorbent on 1 platform 5,376×20 = 107.52 kg
At 40-fold absorption the weight of absorbed oil per 1 platform is 107,52×40 = 4300 kg

Fig. 4
Fig. 4.

Technical characteristics of the sorbent UREMIX-913:
• sorption capacity, not less than 35-40 kg oil/kg of sorbent;
• density kg/m3, not more than 20 (apparent), 16 (bulk)
• indicator of life, not less than 0.75.

The sorbent packed in nets is tightened up by ribbons and controlled on the stud. On dropping from aircraft IL-76 in the fenced by oil booms area the net tie expands and increases to full length. This allows the sorbent to evenly absorb oil at splashdown. With the approach of the rescue boat nets caught and squeezed in special rollers.

Version of the integrated drop with IL-76

The first approach – 8 containers with oil booms (each 250 m, the total length of 2000 m);
The second approach – rescue boat and 3 platforms with five raft (15 PSN-10 for 150 people).
The third – the fourth approach – 16 packages with sorbent (approximate oil absorption capacity 68,800 kg)